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Improve your search engine rankings by avoiding broken links

The best way to improve your search engine ranking is developing high quality websites without having broken links. A broken link is the type of link that redirects the page to a non-existent page which typically returns in the web page as a 404 error page. This 404 error indicates that the page could not be found. Generally, the broken links are often occurring because of a typo on the web page with the link. If you have been renamed or deleted the web pages, the 404 error has been occurred when you open that specific page. But this kind of broken links can be a real pain because they frustrate the viewers and lose the business for you.

In general, there are three types of broken links available such as,

Internal links – It is a link that redirects to other pages within your site.

Outbound links – It is a link that redirects to another website.

Inbound links – These links come from another website to your website.

When you find any one of these links on your website, you should immediately plan fixing things like bad links, broken images and 404 errors. These links and errors can cause your rankings to suffer so you could fix or removing it immediately as soon as possible. To fix broken links, there are several Google Webmaster tools available on the internet that helps you to find the external links pointing to some other pages that no longer existed. One of the great tools is screaming Frog SEO Spider can be used to discover all the broken links and images within the website.

Steps to follow to increase your Google rankings

Basically, everyone wants to achieve better search engine rankings for the proven driver of business growth. To rank well, first you should understand the new SEO rules and learn how to optimize. There are some steps to be followed to optimize and improve your Google rankings as well as generate more traffic to your website without getting a penalty. Here are the steps to follow given below,

  • Evaluate your existing search ranking

  • Track the right metrics

  • Find and analyze penalties

  • Do effective keyword research

  • Develop great content, along with your keywords

  • Build links in the right way

Best ways to find and fix broken links

When people click on a link, they got an error message like, “this page cannot be found”. This kind of error message makes the visitor get frustrated and hit the back button to go back to the different website. One of the best ways to find and fix the broken links is using Google webmaster tools that help you to find broken internal links, inbound links and outbound links. This tool is compatible to work on all of your sites so it is highly recommended by all others. With this tool, you just enter your website address and click on the Find Broken Links or Submit Button. This will analyze your website after a few minutes and generate a report for you about the broken link.