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Be aware of domain authority and how to get it positively

Many webmasters pay attention to different factors that affect the PageRank of their website. They wish to know about these factors and make a good decision about the search engine optimization. They seek different aspects of the domain authority in recent times. If you wish to know the domain authority, its importance and how to get it, then you can listen to the following details.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is one of the search engine ranking factors. This is a measure of the domain name’s power. This is Moz’s calculated metric about how well a domain will rank in search results of Google. In general, the power of a domain name is measured by this factor. There are three elements that affect the domain authority. These elements are size, popularity and age.

Webmasters use the domain authority to assess the strength of their website with other website. Experts in MOZ score this domain authority on a 100%. Webmasters can increase the domain authority value from 20% to 30% easier than 70% to 80%. They understand that this factor measures the predictive ranking value of the domain on the whole. Metrics of domain authority are included into different platforms regarding online marketing and SEO.

Website owners measure the domain authority by using different tools like MozBar and Open Site Explorer. They have to understand that Moz uses the machine learning model to find an ideal algorithm that correlate with rankings across Google’s search results.

Factors that affect the domain authority

There are so many factors that affect the domain authority either positively or negatively. However, the most important factors are as follows.

  1. Linking root domains

  2. Moz Rank

  3. Moz Trust

  4. Quality content

  5. Search engine friendliness

  6. Social signals

How to check the domain authority

You can check the domain authority by using MozBar, Open Site Explorer or any other tool. You have to prefer and use the best in class tool every time. Once you have used any of these tools, you can get the domain authority score. Now, you have to identify whether this score is positive or negative. This is advisable to have the domain authority equal to or above 50. Successful webmasters take advantage of the domain authority more than 70 these days. You have to understand that they have aged domains actively from the commencement.

How to increase the domain authority

If you are willing to increase the domain authority by using the positive approaches, then you can take advantage of the following approaches.

  1. Be cool

  2. Build the best suitable internal link structure

  3. Earn links from a wide variety of websites

  4. Get a clean link profile along with the most favourable diversification

  5. Increase the overall user-friendliness of the website

  6. Marketing your content professionally

  7. Prefer Off Page SEO elements like guest posting, blog commenting and social bookmarking sites

  8. Social media optimization

  9. Write at least epic content

If you are conscious about the PageRank of your website, then you have to enhance your efforts for increasing the domain authority.