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Avoid duplicate content and get decent position in the search results

Normally whenever people want to know about something, they will go to the internet and search for it. When they enter a particular keyword, the search engine will analyse the given input and display the results that are related to that. The person will obviously prefer the top most links which are given by the search engine. This will be the main objective of all the website owners. They will do plenty of things to bring their website to the top position in the search engine results. Most of them will approach a SEO service for this process whereas some of them will develop their website by utilizing the SEO tools that are available online. However the search engines use to choose the website which has unique content in it. To give much information, many proprietors will add duplicate content in their site. They believe that it gives them the top priority in search results.

What is a duplicate content?

If a particular content is present in multiple websites, then it is considered to be a duplicate content. These duplicate contents are created by the website developer or the SEO service provider. They will simply copy the information from an URL and paste it on their website. Even if the website is included with unique content, it has to face the duplicate content issue if some other persons copied and pasted the information in their website. This is one of the deprived web development techniques and also it will build up bad link structure for the website. Generally the search engine will analyse the website and its index to find its reputation. Only after this process it will order the website preference and give results to the user.

While doing this function, if there is any duplicate content then the search engines will not prefer that site for the results. Therefore it is always better to provide unique contents in the website. For instance if you are creating a website and want to add contents in it. You can prefer a leading SEO company to write the contents. They will analyse the keywords which are mostly used by the people in searching and according they will develop the content for the website. Though it takes some amount to be spent, it will give effective results for the website.

Most of the people are not aware of the drawbacks in adding duplicate content in their website. They are doing such process to improve the ranking in the search engine results. But actually it will give them the reverse effect and affect the reputation of the website severely.

Drawbacks in adding duplicate contents

  • Adding duplicate contents will not ban the website by the search engines but it will affect the status of the website in search engine optimization. When a search engine finds that the website is having duplicate contents, it will search for the website which is having that content as it own. Then it will display that particular page in the search results. This process can be performed by analysing the various factors. Some of the significant aspects are Age of the website, Domain authority, Count of the incoming links, Page rank.

  • The duplicate content will mostly affect the page rank distribution. Usually the page rank will be determined by the links and when there are lots of duplicated links then it will be affected and the website cannot get the higher rankings.

  • In most of the websites, the developers would have more pages with unique contents but they would have added duplicate content in few pages. But the search engine will analyse the page that has the duplicate content and it will not display the website in the results. In such case, the pages which have good information are also not preferred by the search engine.

  • If the website is having too much of duplicate content, then it may get severe penalty from the search engines.

  • Similarly the website will lose its data traffic and it will be very difficult to get a decent position in the search results.

Ideas to evade duplicate contents

The website can get a good reputation and ranking position only when it is filled with original and unique contents. That is the most important thing which is expected by the search engine. By exploring the different methods a website owner or developer can make their site as sole and effective. As it is mentioned already, the user may also face the duplicate issue if some other third person steals the content from his site. Therefore the person must also ensure that the information given is his site is not stolen by others. Some of the ideas are given below.

  • One of the best ways to avoid the duplicate content issues is using the online SEO tools. In many websites, the developers can find those tools and they can utilize them to find the repeated data in their contents. This process must be performed before publishing the content in the website.

  • Using 301 redirects will be very effective in forwarding the Googlebot and users to the user’s page rather than others and hence it is not considered as a page with duplicate contents.

  • In most of the situations, it is better to be consistent in creating internal links. This is a best option to solve the duplicate issues. By following this method, the user can differentiate his page from the other sites.

  • The user can prefer the top level domains to handle the specific contents. This will be very helpful to bring the traffic to the appropriate version of the content. Therefore the other duplicate websites can be avoided.

  • While syndicating the content on other sites, it is better to ask the site members to implement noindex Meta tag in the content. By doing this the search engine will not prefer the other sites as the appropriate version. It will redirect the users to the site of the person who created the original content.